Welcome to The Crush. I’m azcetera—or R. E. Sullivan in real life—and I write web fiction.

I love writing, and I love telling stories. That’s what all this is for! If I can make people’s days a little bit better with the stories I tell, I’ll be pretty happy with my life.

Short Pieces

When I’m not working on longer pieces, I usually have a few short stories lying around. Check those out here!

The Crush

Kelly and Amber are ready to get back at the world.

Last year, they lost half their team on a failed mission. They’ve vowed to never let their friends get hurt again—but that’s not an easy promise to keep, especially when their worst enemy shows up in town. More than anything else, they want to make things right. But that’ll put everything on the line.

The Crush is an urban fantasy novella, and the first piece I put up here—in fact, the whole site is named after it.

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